Get Robocopy

Robocopy has been included in Windows since Windows 7


If you are running Windows Server 2003 you can download and install the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools for FREE from Microsoft .

Windows Vista, 7, 2008 users: Robocopy is built-in to Windows so you don't need to do anything on this page.

If you are running Windows Vista/XP/2000 you cannot install the resource kit tools directly but here is a workaround.


  1. Download and install msi2xml from SourceForge for free.
  2. Run rktools.exe and then before clicking NEXT, go to your temp directory and copy the newest directory (likely named IXP000.TMP) to a safe place. The temp dir. is usually located in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\local settings\temp. An easy way to get there is to open START/RUN and type %temp% and click OK. There should be 3 files in this directory called rktools.msi,, and
  3. Open a command prompt in the previously copied directory and run this command msi2xml --dump-streams=. rktools.msi
  4. Open and you can extract Robocopy.exe

Thanks to JWIZBlog for the above solution. :)






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