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Current Version 3.3.1

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CopyRite XP is hands-down the best Robocopy GUI available. With every one of Robocopy's features available in an incredibly easy to use GUI. There is no need to know the inner workings or command line switches relating to Robocopy as CopyRite XP presents them all in clear language with helpful mouseover tool tips that explain the option in more detail. If you came here looking for a great Robocopy GUI then look no further. Compare CopyRite XP to any of the free Robocopy GUI out there and you'll see what we mean. CopyRite XP is THE Robocopy GUI for you. Check out our Features page for all the reasons you need CopyRite XP.

Supports ALL Windows OS' from 2000 up to 2016 32/64 bit and R2 versions.

Current Version 1.0

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My Active Directory is what every sysadmin needs to allow users to update their AD info (E.G. Extension, Title, Address, Office, Depatment, Etc...). Say a user transfers to another location, a user gets married and their name changes, their phone number changes, their title changes. Ordinarily this would create an exponential nightmare support wise. But with My Active Directory it is a simple task for any user and it takes the heat off of your help desk so that they can deal with more pressing issues. Trust me, they will thank you..


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